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Songs benefiting kindness, faith, hope, the struggles we own, and the treasure of freedom

A Musical Force - The idea for The Crossing Crew reaches beyond the music of one songwriter and an acoustic guitar. This music jumps across American music genres from folk, Indie, Pop, Rock, Country, and R&B.


With a stunning range of style & sound that embraces the versatility & uniqueness of bridge over songwriting, The Crossing Crew delivers timeless music with genuine passion and an evolving sound. Revealing a catalog of songs that speak to the better sails of our nature.

After The Crossing Crew 2015 debut album Pearls From Everland, the Dallas, Texas band has returned like clockwork year after year – and usually with multiple records!  From the breakthroughs achieved on albums like ThriveLove Is Like That,  Civil FolkRiver Radio and and the all out Pop Rock project Hit Record – every step that songwriter James Paul Moravec has taken with The Crossing Crew boldly reveals the remarkable evolution within their music and production quality.

2022 arrived with the release of Civil Summer. After 15 releases, what's next?

"Simple stories, struggles, convictions, wishes, and hopes spill from the back of my mind and you hear it the way I want it to be said. My wish is the message in just one of my songs will resonate with you." - James Paul Moravec​

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Music On The Moon

"A Simple Word" is a more than enjoyable listen bolstered by some crisply delivered lead vocals that sit with a melancholic ease amidst the rolling guitar waves, reflective and introspective lyrics, dynamic live kit drumming backbone, tight harmonies, a quick flowing arrangement and a clean mix/master. Props are due!

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Your newest song "Be Who You Be" is a pretty cool and unique song. The different genres combined are really nice and your vocals are awesome.

CM Promotions

Keep doing what you are doing with your arrangements and production. There is a place for your positive vibe and its vintage appeal.
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