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We Turn Courageous Musicians into Missionaries (no travel required)

Call it CCM, Gospel, or Worship music and you are singing to the choir. Call it something else and you are a missionary. Join a growing group of creatives who see Christian outreach to the west from a refreshingly different perspective.

Working from Home

Artists & Creators

creating virtual music and media together
for a larger purpose and a better me

I am seeking creatives who wish to make a larger voice for kindness, hope, freedom, and a simple faith. 

Step 1 - On going zoom meetings To help each other with songwriting and project production

Step 2 - On going project collaborations across the arts.

We pursue our creative side for something other than fame or fortune, our vehicle is entertainment, and our purpose is the message in our work.


We can begin with virtual conversations among groups of songwriters, musicians, artists, designers, filmmakers, and writers around an ambitious idea; an on-going evolving collaboration with specific short duration projects defined by the collaborators.

This idea is a work in development, but it is much larger than simply releasing and marketing our music, film, writings, art, etc.


Let's explore the many possibilities…Join the conversation.

Creative Collaboration For Good

Heart Lock and Crown


The arts (written, film, music, etc.) have the power to influence hearts and change culture.


Today, we see deep division in western society, along with growing anger, and hopelessness.


There is a desperate need for kindness, clarity of purpose, hope, and an appreciation of our freedoms. Also for...a simple Christian faith to be expressed in ways that reach beyond religious circles.

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Songwriters, musicians, producers, singers, artists, designers, filmmakers, directors, writers, actors, dancers, comedians, and other artists.


We are the intermediate to expert level talent whose art can influence others towards the real treasures of life.


Some may participate one time, while others will be on going. The idea is to involve the creations of many in projects with a clear outcome.

Piggy Bank

Artist Benefits

  1. share a high quality, expanding audio, music, and short film catalog to a growing audience we build together

  2. Individual artists will grow their skills and connections

  3. Be part of something greater than your local circle of influence

  4. Exposure of your individual work to a larger audience

Let's Connect

Our Best Way(s) To Connect?

Thank you!

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