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Hundreds Of Original Songs By The Modern Folk Songwriter

Music has always been a natural part of the life of James Paul Moravec, the songwriter/producer of the Texas-based retro multi-genre sound known as The Crossing Crew.  Though he was raised by parents that were both musicians themselves, it was rare to find a single song being played around the house – and it was during those long periods of silence that James discovered an innate connection to music that revealed it was truly part of his DNA.  Sitting in the silence at home, or on the road in the car for family vacations, young James sat & quietly dreamed up melodies in his mind, which he’d eventually start to record on a cheap but reliable cassette recorder that he kept beside him at all times, just in case.

With a variety of instruments available to him at such a young age, the diversity of his interests and span of his talents grew exponentially along with James over the years.  Tinkering with the piano, banjo, and his early favorite, the accordion – Moravec started out like so many do in doing his level-best to sound like the music he loved himself, but soon learned that his own creativity offered something so much more unique & special.  Modern music making tools allowed James to express himself in ways he never could – & in genuinely falling in love with his craft, he’s spent a lifetime ever since turning his dreams into reality.

As The Crossing Crew, James has had the opportunity to reach out through his music to listeners all around the globe, and do his part to provide audible inspiration, light, love, and the spark of hope to people all over the world through his songs online.  Releasing music professionally since 2015 with The Crossing Crew’s debut album Pearls From Everland, the band has returned like clockwork year after year – and usually with multiple records!  From the breakthroughs achieved on albums like Thrive (2017), Love Is Like That (2018), Amer I Can (2019), United State (2020), and more along the way – every step that James has taken with The Crossing Crew boldly reveals the remarkable evolution within their music.

Currently enhancing his production skills and refining them to match the sparkling quality of the ideas & sound at the heart of The Crossing Crew – James has been working hard to give his band an even higher degree of accessibility.  Designing songs from the comfort of his Noisy Attic Studio, and utilizing a plethora of new skills on the mixing boards, The Crossing Crew is blissfully surging into an all-new chapter of its storied career, beginning with a spectacular set of tunes in the lineup of the latest record, Civil Summer The Musical.

What a pleasure it is to reach a place in songwriting, performing, and engineering where I am OK with the result. I finally got my voice balanced with what I was hearing in my head. I use to race through to get a rough track or a multi track to what I would call finished. All that time I was thinking, I'll come back  and re-record them in good fashion once I get my voice and engineering worked out.  Yes, there are some really good songs in there that were represented poorly. It is tough listen for me on most of my older material...Whereas and what to fore if today I could serve it on a platter; and who knows...maybe, yes just maybe, I will!

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