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Hundreds Of Original Songs By The Modern Folk Songwriter

A Songwriter's Work

James Paul is a songwriter in multiple genres; American Roots music, bluegrass, folk, country, rock, pop, blues, and other musical styles. Influences trace back to Louis Armstrong, Robert Johnson, Earl Scruggs, Hank Williams, Brian Wilson, and Paul McCartney. Our carefully crafted playlists showcase the growing library of songs by James Paul and The Crossing Crew. Songs are grouped by style, genre, or mood.

I set up "The Crossing Crew" and posted my self produced material here to attract talent with similar interests to make better music. It is not a "band" but a place where musicians cross paths and make a song or two or three.. Each direct contributor is credited with royalties while paid session musicians are ghost performers.

As a songwriter, I create and finish music. Check out my material - can you hear where you would make it better?

Do you have original material you can't quite finish?

are you a singer who can't seem to finish a song idea or looking for original material to make your own?

are you a loop or beat maker with an interest in a wide variety of music -looking to finish something special?

do you play an instrument well and want to contribute your interpretations to original material?

Let's talk if you are better than what you hear in any area.

There is purpose in this music; it's how I communicate with my small world!

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The Crossing Crew © 2020 by James Paul Moravec

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