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Original Super Secret Folk, Indie, Pop, Rock, Country, Americana, Roots Music

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River Radio EP

Lyric from My Town

Organic Retro Music With A Positive Vibe

This website is an example of someone not giving up on their passion. In this case, creating the best possible music with a purpose, regardless of whether it is popular or not.


James Paul Moravec, A Wis-Texan songwriter wrote a song, and then another until he had over 300. He hoped one day to escape his noisy attic studio. But new song ideas would not let him. Finally, he visualized The Crossing Crew, the band through which his songs could come to life. 


The Crossing Crew is a modern americana, country, folk, pop, rock, roots , garage band from Texas. the band delivers surprisingly well crafted music with an upbeat blending of mostly acoustic instruments. Always working to make better, hopeful music because we prefer to smile.

This is organic music that crosses decades and genres; sometimes within the same song. Ask 100 people what kind of music The Crossing Crew plays and you will get 100 different answers. Music not made for the masses but with hope and answers for the messes and clean ups we experience in life. 

When asked if they try to sound like another artist, James Paul Moravec says the true joy of song creation is letting the song lead the way. And when the creative energy wanes the song is either done or set aside. "Sometimes I will circle back to a song started years ago with a fresh approach and finish it quickly."

What type of songs do you prefer to create? "I guess I am a contrarian in many ways. Songs about broken hearts are everywhere and I find them boring. Maybe I have written a few. But I would rather write a song about a mended heart; a love that survives and thrives."

On self taught song mixing and production, James Paul has learned a few things. "I used to over process everything when I did not understand how to use the tools properly. Now my efforts focus on keeping as much energy as I can in the final production. 

Listen to a few songs before deciding what this band sounds like and if you like,  save it, stream it, playlist it, contact us, share it. 

Reviews of Songs By The Crossing Crew

Music On The Moon

"A Simple Word" is a more than enjoyable listen bolstered by some crisply delivered lead vocals that sit with a melancholic ease amidst the rolling guitar waves, reflective and introspective lyrics, dynamic live kit drumming backbone, tight harmonies, a quick flowing arrangement and a clean mix/master. Props are due!

Listen Gobal

Your newest song "A Simple Word" is a pretty cool and unique song. The different genres combined are really nice and your vocals are awesome

CM Promotions

Keep doing what you are doing with your  arrangements and production. There is a place for your positive vibe and its vintage appeal.

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