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Music has always been a natural part of the life of James Paul Moravec, the prolific songwriter/producer at the core of the Texas-based Americana Pop/Rock/Country/Folk infused band known as The Crossing Crew.  Though he was raised by parents that were both musicians, it was rare to find a song being played around the house – and it was during those long periods of silence that James discovered an innate connection to music that revealed it was truly part of his DNA.  Sitting in the silence at home, or on the road in the car for family vacations, young James sat & quietly dreamed up melodies in his mind, which he’d eventually start to record on a reliable cassette recorder that he kept nearby.

500 Songs Later - With The 2022 release of “Civil Summer: The Musical, James has been working hard to give his band an even higher degree of accessibility.  Designing songs from the comfort of Noisy Attic Studio, and utilizing a plethora of skills acquired over time, The Crossing Crew is blissfully surging into an all-new chapter of its career, with a spectacular set of tunes in the lineup of this latest record.

Studio productions allow The Crossing Crew to deliver a stunning range of style & sound that embraces versatility & uniqueness like the assets they are – their evolving sound has inherently limitless potential to reach the hearts & minds of listeners through the genuine sincerity within the music, and an unbreakable spirit that dares to dream out loud.

In this latest project, Civil Summer: The Musical,

Songwriter, Producer James Paul Moravec and his distinctive voice shines

Jim Singing Desire Song1.png

As far as Indie Folk goes....“Feel” has some of my favorite musicianship of any tune…maybe not just from this album, maybe from this entire year if I’m being honest with you – this is fantastic.  - SBS

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Artist Information

Genre -Americana or Indie fused with Country, Rock, Pop, Folk and classic American music.

Label -  Independent

Locale - Dallas, Texas

Influences - Johnny Cash, Earl Scruggs, Robert Johnson, Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Louis Armstrong, Stevie Wonder, Hank Willams


Hopeful Music For People Who Hope - James Paul Moravec

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