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  • James Paul

A Top 5 Million Band

Recently, the band celebrated our break into the top 5 million most popular music acts on the planet. As of January, we narrowed the competition to 4,994,129 bands and individual artists who have greater talent and material. This brings our artist ranking up 5000 from just three years ago. To be fair, we did get a boost from a large number of doo-wop and crooner artists who recently retired or passed away.

Nevertheless, to recognize our move into the top 5 million, we took a break from songwriting, and our world wide tour to play tribute to our music in front of our closest fans. The hallway was narrow, but everyone had a good view of the band. Crossing Crew founder/songwriter James Paul rolled out the song "A Big Song For Little People" and finished the set with an accapela rendering of "Anyone Can Write A Song."

Now seriously, please.

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