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River Radio Is Flowing

Rivers run through our lives. The river can be tranquil one day and life changing the next. Some find peace on along the river while others only long to be on the other side. In the flow there is a rhythm, a tempo, and along the banks of these rivers wonderful music is heard. Radio brought this music to everyone and the world changed.

For songwriter James Paul Moravec, the sounds of the river and the radio have blended into wonderful memories. Sure there are a few regrets, but the rhythm of the river is a constant and beautiful memory.

The River Radio EP includes three Americana or Country Pop tunes "A Simple Word, "Country Life" and "Gold Mine." All which are an enjoyable listen. "Rubble Trouble" has to be one of the best gritty, yet hopeful songs about addiction recovery I have heard.

The songs "Bright Lights" "Get A Crown" and "The River" are not religious songs in the way we understand them, but speak of an easily accessible journey of faith, rather than some soul wrenching guilt experience.

The Crossing Crew...a band with music to broad for one musical genre - too upbeat for folk, not country enough for country. Could it be Americana? Whatever it is , this music comes from the rhythm of the river.

#AmericanaHope #CivilFolk #CivilSummer #RiverRadio #CrossingCrew #Americanamusic #Texasmusic #JamesPaulMoravec

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