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We Got A "Hit Record"

The Crossing Crew released an 8 song album named "Hit Record" this week. These all out Pop/Rock songs are a departure from their usual Americana flavor..

The title song explores the energy around that one song where everything comes together between the song, the performance, and the production. On their first listen, people connect with the song in a big way and the song takes off. James Paul Moravec explored what this must feel like from the bands perspective while writing the song. "This song was a lot of fun to create. New ideas kept finding their way into the recording." "We defined our own genre on this project. One we call Retro Nerd Pop Rock."

Other songs include Swagger, a song about the era of muscle cars in small town America. Some pretty cool processed breathing mixed in with the effected guitars surges this song off the starting line and rallies it to a win.

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