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inspire a beautiful future my friend

Certifiably Amatuer

The Crossing Crew is a modern americana folk pop band from Texas. the band delivers surprisingly well crafted music with an upbeat blending of acoustic instruments including, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, dobro, brass, clarinet, harmonica, and keyboards. 


We appreciate anyone who gives us a listen; especially those inspired to make it a better future.  We want feedback and will beg if necessary.


Songs are created and self produced by songwriter James Paul Moravec who tracks various instruments and brings in other talent to complete the mix. The Crossing Crew does not play a new song every night for months before recording; good enough goes to tape! It would likely not matter much anyway. Then comes the mixing and mastering...Katy bar the door. A true professional might ask, "why continue this mediocre madness?" The songwriter answers; "the music, the meaning, the joy, and 300 more songs to finish!"

James Paul Moravec - Songwriter

It began with an idea for a song, then another, and another. I kept a cheap cassette recorder on my night stand just is case. Pushing beyond the frustration, my skills have progressed greatly since then.  I created a lot of music but never got the vocals or recordings just right. I confess to being as good a songwriter as I am a poor sound engineer. So I place each song here as I abandon it along the way; lacking the patience, the talent, or the budget to take them further. Even so, I would argue there are a few gems here.

I never struggled with the desire to sound like a particular artist or getting the next piece of gear that would define me. Rather the inspiration of each song drags me to  complete and represent the song in the way it came together . Creating music is the thrill, perfecting it is out of the question, and sharing a song with anyone who enjoys the music or takes something positive away the music is my reward.

To the daring few who make it this far, thanks for listening!