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For musicians, swing is a rhythm that gave life to much of the great music of the last century.

The song "So What" is a tribute to the upbeat attitude, the songs and musicians from that era.

"Unsung Hero" - most of us know one. Sorry athletes, politicians, pop stars,...not you.

For politicians, a swing state is where voter party affiliation is close to even and the winning party is difficult to predict in advance. Responsible citizens look are not swayed and work with their neighbors for a united state.


"Liberty Is Your Girl"  appreciates the freedom to pursue our individual dreams here. And also the freedom to pursue them elsewhere.There are nations happy to control the daily lives of residents. Most Americans want little of that.

It is individuals....people who have changed, become more accepting of the diversity of life, and improved many things in the last 75 years. Our individual actions say who we are.

"Get A Grip" ....the sky is not falling

People in power routinely deceive to keep and get more power. "Losing My Voice" is the loss of civil discourse. It is possible disagree and get along.


"Twitter Cruel" ...when we fail to think before stereotyping people and calling them evil! 

Freedom is a great and powerful thing where it belongs; in the hands of individuals, with limited oversight by states and federal governments.

A state of swing, a swing state, a united state.

United State - Music By The Crossing Crew

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